New Off-Space @base in Munich

From September 2020


The ERES Foundation has a new satellite in the Milky Way, so to speak, by joining in the formation of a new artist-run space at Milchstraße 4 called @base. The venue offers students of the Munich Academy of Fine Arts the opportunity to engage in artistic work of their choosing as well as presenting it to the public. In accordance with the goals of the ERES Foundation, this non-commercial, independent studio/gallery will show the work of young artists that deal with scientific topics in the broadest sense. Its name refers to the concept of the term ›base‹, which is widely used in science and technology, i.e. as the ›basic number‹ in exponentiation (mathematics), the lowest component of a column (architecture), the base area of an examined organ (biology) or as a system of open sets (topology).

The project is a joint effort with the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and Philipp Messner, who, with rstr4, established the Milchstraßengalerie in 2009 as a Munich art scene venue. Peter Kogler’s class will be the first to take part. In rapid succession, @base will show various works of art by one or two academy students at a time. To make @base a lively venue beyond Munich's borders, the ERES Foundation will also be inviting internationally acknowledged artists to exhibit pieces in addition to discussing the work of the students. In the difficult circumstances posed by the Corona pandemic, the ERES Foundation, by funding this project, wants to make a contribution to enable art students to continue their work in small units.


Milchstraße 4, 81667 Munich



Kunsträume mit Charakter
Münchner Feuilleton, Januar 2021, Erika Wäcker-Babnik
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