The dark side of power. Fake news, self-destruction, the norm and drops of water

Exhibition. Lectures.

7 June – 6 October 2018


The term ICE-COLD, ambiguously both a phenomenon of nature and a state of mind, is the motif of this exhibition. It is an attempt to portray the social status quo and takes aim at the dark side of political power in light of climate change and fake news as well as the sense of futility and resignation brought about by humanity’s hostility and self-destruction.

In March of 2018, the scientific magazine Science published a study that showed that falsehoods spread by Twitter spread quicker, more often and further that factual news reports. Campaigns of disinformation effectively contest human responsibility for global warming. Conspiracy theories are booming, hiding behind deliberately launched fake news, and threatening liberal society.

For the thematically complex project "ICE-COLD. The dark side of power", the ERES Foundation is particularly proud to have acclaimed German artist Stephan Huber as the exhibition curator. Huber juggles with the diverse aspects of the subject matter, breaks out of rigid perspectives, and allows the thoughtfully selected and precisely calibrated works of art speak for themselves and in relation to one another: ice-cold but with poetic artistic license.


Accompanying the exhibition is a catalog, 128 pages (german/english)


Hermann Pitz, GOCCIE D’AQUA, 1988, © Hermann Pitz, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018, Foto: Thomas Dashuber