Harald Fuchs
Time after detonation

2005, graphite on handmade paper, 113 x 79cm

The aesthetic of scientific images has and continues to fascinate Harald Fuchs (*1954) in his drawings, photographs, light projections and installations. In a new cycle of works, he focuses on Otto Hahn’s desk, upon which fundamental experiments in splitting Uranium took place. In this series, Fuchs is interested in the details of the desk as well as the consequences of Hahn’s experiments for science. Visible here is the accumulated explosion of an atomic bomb after its detonation in milliseconds. Historic footage served as the model for these acribic sketches of rows of mushroom clouds which, like fingerprints found at crime scene, document the genesis of an inferno conceived by scientists. Fuchs assumes the camera’s sober dissecting p.o.v. of the emerging process of horror. At the same time, his drawing turns this manmade orgy of destruction into something mysterious, almost beautiful.