Francesco Gennari
Oneself as the only point of reference

2004, gelatinesilver, 13 x 12,5 cm

Like an alchemist, Francesco Gennari (*1973) lets the entelechy of matter react with the self-will of living creatures. He is interested in the processes of transformation that takes place between lifeless matter and life. Once the test arrangement has been decided on, he does not intervene in the process. The photograph shows a snail emerging from its shell against the law of gravity. Its shell has been turned 180 degrees and sits like sculpture on a circular pedestal of whipped cream from a spray can. The animate and the inanimate form a paradoxical constellation. The title of the work of art alludes to the fact that perception always depends on the point of reference. The snail seems to be observing itself narcissistically and is moving in a cold and lifeless environment. For Gennari, unambiguosness only exists apart from the perception of space and time that human beings are bound to their entire lives. Drawing on the tradition of baroque still lifes, Gennari has his arrangement directly in front of him. He often spends hours in front of what he is observing in order to capture the decisive moment with his camera.