And the FORESTs will echo with laughter …

Forests without Trees in the Arts and Sciences
20 May – 17 October 2020

Ausstellung - Vorschau


This line from a Led Zeppelin song epitomizes the upcoming exhibition at the ERES Foundation starting May 20th, 2020. Its focus is on the forest as social space. Forests’ ecosystems function on the basis of interconnectedness, information and communication, exchange and symbiosis. Hidden from our eyes, complex processes are taking place that are vital, not only for the organisms involved. For a forest is far more than just trees. In addition to being an economic asset, biosphere, oxygen producer, CO2 and water repository, it is also a magical, mystical place and powerful alternative to urban civilization – indispensable for human life as we know it.

Contemporary artists will explore unexpected pathways to forests’ thickets of meaning while scientists will be holding lectures that shine new light on the fascinating Wood Wide Web, the Internet of the forest.


20 May – 17 October 2020

Opening Hours

Tue, Wed, Sat, 11 am – 5 pm and by appointment
Admission free


John Baldessari, James Benning, Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, John Cage, Miriam Ferstl, Fischli / Weiss, Tue Greenfort, Carsten Höller, Wolfgang Kaiser, Martin Kippenberger, Klaus Littmann, Marcus Maeder, Antje Majewski, Albert Oehlen, Munan Øvrelid & Marcellvs L., Daniel Roth, Michael Sailstorfer, Hans Schabus und andere mehr